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People Are Using Their Cricut Machines To Cut Shaped Quesadillas and It Is Pure Genius

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Cricut Machines are great for cutting paper, fabric, wood and as it turns out, even cheese quesadillas!

Arts and crafts connoisseurs know that this machine does well with creating shapes and cutting with precision.


However, a recent video on TikTok has gone viral for thinking outside of the box at what this machine can really do.

Introducing the Cricut Machine that can make dinosaur shaped cheese quesadillas for the family, the rowdy children or even just a savory snack for yourself and it’s super simple!

Courtesy of @.jennifermurphy

The video shows this mom slapping down a soft tortilla and in seconds, the Cricut Machine has cut dinosaur shaped tortillas and in minutes, the dinosaur flour tortilla is on the stove sizzling with shredded cheese.

Courtesy of @.jennifermurphy

Garnish to your liking, maybe add salt and pepper and don’t forget a single serving of sour cream on the side!

Courtesy of @.jennifermurphy

Thanks to @creationcornerbyj who had the first idea to use a Cricut Machine to make shapes with flour tortillas, Dinosaur cheese quesadillas are now a trend thanks to @Jessie Prince who took that idea even further!

Dinosaur cheese quesadillas anyone?

Courtesy of @.jennifermurphy

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