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This Safari Lets You Shoot Paintballs at Zombies From A Military Truck and I’m So There

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This is 2020 and It’s time to shoot some zombies y’all! Seriously! There is a Zombie Safari this October and it isn’t even all that far from me!

Zombie Safari

The Zombie Safari takes place at an outdoor paintball facility called Cousins Paintball. Unlike regular paintball where you get shot as well, you are shooting the walking dead and they can’t shoot back.

Zombie Safari

Your job is to shoot them till they quit coming for you, or who knows what will happen. My tip, once they are down… always shoot again just to be safe! Ya know, DOUBLETAP.

I mean these are zombies y’all! We don’t want to take any chances with all of that mess.

Zombie Safari

When you get to the Zombie Safari, they will load you on to a bus called a Zombie Response Vehicles aka ZRV’s.

They will also arm you with your weapon and ammo. There are 277 acres of land that has been taken over by zombies. You have to help clean it up and contain it.

Only 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, a cover-up has escalated out of control. U.S. Military, Texas Dept. of Corrections, Texas Dept. of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, C.D.C., and Federal D.O.J failed to contain an infection at the Federal Correctional Institution in nearby Seagoville, TX. All personnel including soldiers, officers, prisoners, and members of the cleanup crew have been INFECTED by a Virus. Eliminate the threat utilizing our specially outfitted Zombie Response Vehicles aka ZRV’s.

Zombie Safari

This is so different and cool! Instead of a traditional haunted house or trail, this is completely interactive. Imagine the adrenaline rush you’ll get! They’re coming!

Coronavirus Safety Measures

They do have Coronavirus safety measures right now. There is social distancing and they are operating at 50% this year on guests. It’s an outdoor event as well and the vehicles are open-air.

If you go with a group of 8 or more, you can ride together without other guests. All of the equipment is sanitized between uses, and there are sanitizing stations for yourself when entering and leaving the vehicle.

Zombie Safari

When and where

The Zombie Safari is located in Forney, Texas, and will start on October 2nd! It will be open every Friday and Saturday night in October at the Cousins Paintball facility. It is highly suggested that you purchase your tickets online for the events.

Zombie Safari

Tickets for shooters start at about $25 if you just want to ride then that ticket is only about $10. There are other options available and the VIP sounds the best to me! You can learn more at Zombie Safari!

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