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This Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette Will Take You Straight Back To The 80s and 90s

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I remember when we got our first VCR back in the 80s, and I also remember how exciting it was to go rent movies. Younger generations will never know what a big deal that was to us.

Even today, being able to watch pretty much any movie ever made with a click of a button just doesn’t feel the same. I miss going to Blockbuster and browsing the shelves for the perfect movie to watch.

lastblockbustermovie – Instagram

Blockbuster started way back in 1985 and then closed in 2010. However, there is still one Blockbuster left!

lastblockbustermovie – Instagram

Hot Topic is giving us a trip in the way back time machine for a little nostalgia! They are selling a Blockbuster-themed eyeshadow palette and I kind of think I need it.

Hot Topic

The packaging for the Blockbuster Eyeshadow Kit is shaped just like an old Blockbuster movie case. Inside are 12 bold eyeshadow colors!

What movie genre are you feeling today? Classics? New Releases? Fantasy? Combine them all with this eyeshadow palette inspired by Blockbuster!

Hot Topic product description
Hot Topic

The colors are named as movie genres such as Adventure, New Releases, Drama, Classics, Comedy, Horror, Action, Television, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Family, and Cartoon!

You can get the Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette in stores at Hot Topic or order it online for only $16.90.

Hot Topic

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