People Are Opening Cans with Spoons and I Am Trying It

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I love creative life hacks especially ones that actually work! I just came across some posts where People Are Opening Cans with Spoons and I Am Trying It!

Basically, if you are ever somewhere where a can opener is inaccessible or if you just want to show off a cool, new party trick, this is it!

All you need is a sealed can – a can of anything and a metal spoon.

People have been doing this for years and I can’t believe I am just finding out about it!

How To Open a Can Using a Spoon

Set the can down on a steady table or countertop, holding it firmly in place with one hand. I think using a non-slip grip towel would help keep it stable.

Then using your other hand, hold the spoon in the palm of your hand over the can and set the spoon in the groove on the lip of the can where the lid meets the rim.

Rub the tip of the spoon on the lip of the can, working back and forth over a small area until the friction thins out the metal and then press the spoon through the lid.

Slowly move around in a circular motion to cut around the rest of the lid using the spoon.

Dig the spoon under the lid and use the spoon to pry the lid upwards. Be careful not to touch the edge of the lid with your finger, as it will be very sharp. Use a towel to protect your hand and dispose of the lid.

Oh, and NEVER use a knife for this, there are horror stories of people cutting their fingers almost right off. Don’t do it!

You can watch it in full action in the video below. It’s a pretty neat trick and I am totally trying it!

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