You Can Get A Giant Floating Golf Cart For Your Pool And I Need It

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This is the most clever pool float I have ever seen! We can’t hit the golf courses right now, but we can certainly bring the golf cart to our pool!

Courtesy of FUNBOY

This pool float, by FUNBOY, is the PERFECT size for TWO people to lounge under the mesh canopy that makes up the roof of the cart.

Or, if you’re like me, you will push that second person into the water, and take over the whole float by yourself. Live in luxury, that’s what I say!

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Y’all. This might by my favorite feature. There are even two cup holders at the front of the floating cart, so you don’t ever have to leave your fun in the sun to get a drink! Just have your partner bring you refills, AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of FUNBOY

There are handles, located near the front of the float, to help you climb aboard. That’s always the toughest part.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

I know I already said that the cup holders were my favorite feature, but this one follows behind in a very close second!

The “roof” of the floating cart is removable, and it is mesh. So, it can either help shade you from the sun, or you can go full-out sunbathing goddess, as you bask in those delicious UV rays. Vitamin D, baby!

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Of course, I do ALL my shopping online ATM, and LUCKILY, this giant pool float is available right on the FUNBOY website!

Courtesy of FUNBOY

This GIANT floating golf cart will run you $129, and you can pay by PayPal (I LOVE THAT), or you can split it up into 4 payments of $33.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

If you’re looking for even MORE floating fun for your backyard pool, check out this Pool Float For Your DOG! Gah!

Courtesy of Swim Ways

You can also get this Mermaid Pool Float for a totally stylin’ day in the sun! It’s PINK, y’all!

Courtesy of Target

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