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John Krasinski Is Hosting A Virtual Graduation This Week For High School Students

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First, he had a virtual prom — including a plethora of famous friends — for all the 2020 High School Seniors who were going to miss their own proms.

John Krasinski

Now, John Krasinski is going to host a graduation ceremony on his Some Good News channel, and this is the best idea ever!

I feel so bad for all the 2020 High School Seniors! They are missing out on the pinnacle moments of their high school careers.

Sure, I adopted a high school senior, and I’m taking her a gift each week through June 5th — Shout Out to Elaina — but I’ve been trying to brainstorm even MORE that we can do!

Leave it to John Krasinski! He is going to make it EPIC and memorable for all the quarantined seniors.

But, of course, it’s not JUST for High School Seniors. ALL graduates are welcome — I’m talking to YOU Kindergarteners, 5th Graders, 8th Graders, and College Graduates!

He is even making it LEGIT, by having a valedictorian speech. How amazingly cool is that?!? He has just about thought of everything!

We don’t really know much information, other than it’s going to be THIS week, it’s for ALL graduates, there’s going to be a commencement speech by John himself, there will be a valedictorian, and it’s going to be on his Some Good News channel (Possibly YouTube?).

Stay tuned! We’ll bring you more information as soon as we have it.


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