John Krasinski’s Virtual Prom Was Basically The Best Thing Ever

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John Krasinski recently released his own YouTube show, Some Good News, to bring some good news to the world instead of all the recent devastating things that have been circulating.

This has been such a breath of fresh air for fans. Krasinski asked fans to send him some good news through social media that he could cover on his YouTube channel.


He even has guests on his show, such as Steve Carell, and of course is wife, Emily Blunt.


In his most recent attempts to bring a little extra joy to the world, he announced that he was going to host a virtual prom, since a lot of seniors won’t be able to attend their prom this year.


After posting his prom picture on Instagram, Krasinski took the world by storm when he announced that he would be hosting his own prom on his YouTube channel!


Last night he DJ’ed for his fans on Some Good News, bringing so much joy to seniors (and the rest of us) around the world.


He decorated, got dressed up super spiffy-like, and had a whole night prepared just for us….I mean…seniors.


But Krasinski wasn’t alone! He called upon other A-list stars such as Billie Eilish, the Jonas Brothers, and Chane the Rapper to join him in recreating the best prom experience ever!


Even Krasinski’s co-star from The Office, Rainn Wilson joined for a dance party!


Bille Eilish and her brother performed Bad Guy for fans.


He even featured some teens who dressed up and attended this virtual prom before closing with a few touching words.


“We are all going through this together,” he shared, “This is a very, very weird time but each and every one of you are missing something and this is the least I could do.”

John Krasinski

I don’t know about you, by my heart strings have been tugged. I think that this is an incredible thing to do and he has won severe brownie points in my book.

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