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John Krasinski Hosted A Virtual Prom For High School Students and It Was As Amazing As You’d Think

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Calling the quarantined Senior Class of 2020!

You just might have the coolest prom EVER! And, you thought you were going to miss it. Nope!

John Krasinski — you know, that cute guy from The Office — is coming to your rescue.

He is going to DJ a virtual prom on his Some Good News YouTube channel. How cool is that?!?


The “Prom” is happened Friday, April 17th and it was AMAZING!


With it being on YouTube, hopefully it will STAY there, that way you can access it at your leisure.

All you have to do is click on the link, and you will be whisked away to the virtual prom!


Get ready, here is the link! m.youtube.com/c/somegoodnews/live


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  1. Will the PROM will shown again? Some interested friends would have watched, but it was over. Ty

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