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John Krasinski From ‘The Office’ Has A YouTube Channel Dedicated To Giving Good News

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Most of us know John Krasinski from his time as JIM on The Office. He has since been in several television shows and movies — and only gotten better looking with age, AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of John Krasinski on Twitter

NOW, he has started his own YouTube channel, and it is dedicated to all things GOOD news!

There has been so much anxiety, negativity, and fear in the news as of late, and John has taken it upon himself to make the world a more POSITIVE place, by only bringing us the good things.

Courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube

God Bless You, John Krasinski!

Courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube

John’s YouTube channel is called “Some Good News,” and it’s totally a breath of fresh air.

Courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube

He started this whole endeavor, by taking to Twitter, to ask the Twitterverse what they had heard recently that made them happy or smile.

Krasinski Tweeted out: “Alright everybody, how about #SomeGoodNews! Send me the stories that have made you feel good this week or the things that just made you smile!”

He received nearly 3,000 answers to his Tweet. SEE — there IS good in the world right now.

Courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube

John not only spreads some good news to the world, he hosts interviews. His first was with Steve Carell, who, of course, played Michael Scott in The Office.

What’s better than two of our favorite actors from the show, reminiscing about the good times they had during filming?!?

Courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube

Don’t think it’s JUST celebrities that John interviews. He also hosted Coco — a 15-year-old cancer survivor. I’m just warning you, break out your tissues before you watch this one!

Courtesy of Some Good News on YouTube

If you are wondering if the world needs a little more positivity right now, after John finished ONE show, it had over 3.5 million views — IN JUST ONE DAY!!

I’d say that’s a testament to how much we all need a smile these days.

Thank you, Mr. Krasinski, for bringing us a bit of light during the dark.


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