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People Are Having A Hard Time Finding The Hidden Heart Among The Snails. Can You Find It?

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Solving a brain puzzle is like a reward, especially if you’re the first one to get the correct answer among family and friends.

So if you think you’re a connoisseur on brainteasing puzzles, artist Gergely Dudás a.k.a the Dudolf, has more than a few you can try and solve across his social media platforms, books, and on his website.


Specifically one that is geared towards the upcoming holiday, one that is in exactly 26 days, this Valentine’s Day puzzle is a doozy.

Introducing a newer puzzle from the children’s book illustrator, the goal is to find the hidden heart in the sea of pink, purple, and red snails. It sounds easy doesn’t it, but this is one of those scenarios where it’s much easier said than done!

Courtesy of Gergely Dudás/The Dudolf

At first glance the drawing looks cluttered, until you stop and take a notice of the yellow snails and their red, purple and pink shells.


According to the comment section on the artist’s Facebook post, it was a mixture between users finding it in minutes, while it took others more time to locate.


If you were one of the individuals that found the heart in a matter of seconds, congratulations! However, if you’re still trying to locate the heart, here’s a hint.


You can find the red heart in the top left quadrant of the puzzle.


Still having trouble? That’s okay! Keep scrolling to find you the answer.

Okay last chance, this is it…

See, I told you it was in the upper left corner of the puzzle; now that you can see it, it’s hard to unsee it!

Courtesy of Gergely Dudás/The Dudolf

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