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This Cute Little Ceramic Fondue Set Is Perfect For Valentine’s Day

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I can’t believe that we are headed straight towards Valentine’s Day! It is but a short time away, and it’s time to start thinking about what we are going to get our BAEs.

I don’t know about you, but me and my SO love to do the fondue thing. It is so much fun! You can melt just about ANYTHING — from cheese to chocolate — and experiment with different things to dunk in the melty goodness.

Check this out. I found this Ceramic Fondue set on Amazon, and it is only $16! Can you believe it?!?

Courtesy of Amazon

The easiest (and BEST) thing to use in this fondue pot is CHOCOLATE — yum, right? You can do milk chocolate, white chocolate, or anything in between!

Courtesy of Amazon

Just place the Candy Melts in the little ceramic pot, and melt them by placing a lit tealight candle underneath.

Courtesy of Amazon

As the chocolate is doing it’s melting thing, make sure you stir your chocolate occasionally, because it helps the melting process.

Courtesy of Amazon

Then, you can experiment with different things to DUNK into that tasty melted chocolate.

Try strawberries, pineapple bits, pound cake, marshmallows or even bacon slices. Since the fondue set comes with four forks, it’s also great for a double date, but remember, no double dipping!

Courtesy of Amazon

While the fondue forks DO come with this fondue set, the tealights and chocolate melts are sold separately, so plan accordingly!!

You can get your OWN cute Ceramic Fondue Pot on the Amazon website.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can find tealight candles right here.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can get all kinds of chocolate candy melts here.

Courtesy of Amazon

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