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LeVar Burton, From ‘Reading Rainbow’, Will Livestream Storytime For Kids On Twitter

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LeVar Burton, from Reading Rainbow fame, is going to be livestreaming family-friendly LeVar Burton Reads programs, and you can bet my family will be tuning in.

Courtesy of LeVar Burton on Twitter

I LOVED Reading Rainbow when I was young. LeVar Burton was like a calming force; a constant when life could be scary, crazy, or even happy.

Courtesy of LeVar Burton on Instagram

That is exactly what we all need right now — a calm in the midst of insane circumstances.


LeVar Burton already records a podcast, where he reads short-stories to an eager audience. But, THIS is going to be a Livestream, where kids and adults can go hangout, and hear a beloved story read by Mr. Burton.

LeVar knew there might be some trouble with copyright laws, so you reached out to the Twitterverse for help.

The first response he got was from author, Neil Gaiman, who gave LeVar a blanket “Go Ahead” on all of his novels and short stories.


Other authors and publishers started to respond, including Harper Stacks, who have given LeVar “permission for online readings of HarperCollins Children’s Books titles through May 31, 2020.”

Plans for this LeVar Burton Reads Livestream have come together very fast, and I am HAPPY to announce that Starting Friday, April 4th, his Livestream will begin on Twitter.

There will be THREE different programs — one for children, one for Young Adults, and one for Adults.


You can totally be like me, and tune in to all three!

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