There Is A New Kid’s Book Centered Around Michael Scott From ‘The Office’ and I Need It

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Calling all fans of The Office! Just in time for it’s FIFTEENTH anniversary, it’s time to head back to Dunder Mifflin — Elementary that is.

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There is a children’s book coming out, and it centers around student Michael Scott, who must be the line leader for the day.


He knows how to be a line leader, but in a much more real sense, he has no idea how to be a line leader.


He wants to live up to his water bottle, which tells everyone he is the “World’s Best Line Leader.”


To do so, he must summon the help of classmates Pam, Jim, Stanley, Dwight, Stanley, Meredith, and maybe even awkward little Toby.


There are sure to be nods to the series, which will have parents giggling and laughing, and kids wondering what’s wrong with the adults.


Filled with colorful, detailed illustrations and brimming with Easter eggs and nods to iconic moments from the show, this hilarious reimagining features a pint-sized cast.


This book will not be available until October of 2020, but you can pre-order it NOW on the Amazon website.

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I’m totally going to order it for myself! I bet it will have me smiling — That’s What She Said.


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