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The Internet Is Losing It Over The Cost Of Apple’s New AirPods Max And With Good Reason

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Leave it to Apple to bring us yet another item that everyone wants. And of course, the cost puts it just out of reach.

Apple is the holy grail of electronics these days, it seems. And they seem to enjoy making it hard for us normal people to keep up with all the latest and greatest due to cost.

A few years ago, the AirPods were released. Tiny little wireless earbubs that were hella expensive. I personally wasn’t a fan of the long plastic hanging down so I skipped that fad and my wallet praised me for it.

But now, the newest excitement is over the new AirPods Max. They are literally oversized headphones like the kind I have been using since I was a kid.

But unlike my childhood headphones, which probably cost me $10 and lasted forever, these bad boys are $549. WHAT?! They aren’t even….pretty.


The internet is losing it over this ghastly cost. If it was something new and innovative…maybe. But these types of headphones have been around since I can remember. Slapping an Apple logo on them is not going to make me dish out that much money. Nice try.

So instead, I’m going to enjoy the memes and internet trolls because they are definitely feeling the way I feel about this.

What are your thoughts on this new Apple product? Die hard fan, ready to dish out cash? Grabbing popcorn so you can join me watching the internet trolls? Dreading your teen coming to you with it on their Christmas wish list? Let us know below!


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