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This Dude Took His Date To Carmax And I Would Have Been Looking For The Exit

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The dating world is no joke. You have to be more careful than ever, because people are just weird.

There’s really no other way to say it. Some people seem to lack common sense and decency. Or, maybe they’re just living in another plain of reality where crazy is the norm.

Take this woman on TikTok, for example.

She was excited about her first date with this dude. She even posted a GRWM video on TikTok to show what she was going to wear.

By the way, he didn’t tell me, like, what we’re doing. So I don’t really know what to dress for.


We watch as she tries on a couple different things, trying to get exactly the right look worthy of a first date.

I feel like wearing a garter belt on the first date might be a little suggestive. BUT, it’s not the first time we’ve hung out —


Nicki went for a more fancy look, but has what perhaps may have been a moment of foreshadowing in the middle of the video.

What if he takes me to f***ing Subway or something, and I’m dressed like this.


Get this…He Took Her To Carmax For Their Date!!

Here’s where things got a bit weird.

Nicki posted a second video that shows exactly how her date turned out.

He didn’t take her to Subway, but he DID take her to Carmax!

I wish I was kidding when I tell you this man took me to f***ing Carmax.


I’m not sure which one would be worse. I’m leaning toward the Carmax date as being a bit more on the super-weird side.

She shows a couple shots of herself sitting inside a Carmax — looking totally pissed off.

Then Nicki tells us that she had her BFF come pick her up, and take her out for a BFF date. LOL!

How horrible!!

I think I would have bailed on the Carmax date too.

He said he needed a woman there to show he had a family.


Bruh. What the — ? I don’t even know what to say.

One commenter hit the nail on the head when they posted, “He was taking u to cosign 😭”.

I’m not sure if Nicki even realized this at the time, but I’m pretty sure she came around to that conclusion.

LMFAOOOOO IMAGINE😅😅 but actually now that does seem like the only logical explanation


Poor thing. I hope her next date goes a little better.

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