Here’s A List of All The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Solar Eclipse

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We are just a day away from one of the coolest events to happen in human history (and one that won’t happen again in the U.S. for 21 years).

Yes, I am talking about the Solar Eclipse.

And while this is going to be an event you don’t want to miss, many are seeing this event as something a lot more meaningful that some cool science. Some are spreading conspiracy theories about what the event really means in their eyes.

So, naturally, we’ve gathered the list of all the conspiracy theories that are circulating the web right now. You can then decide if you choose to believe any of them or not.

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The List of All The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Solar Eclipse

Conspiracy Theory #1: End of Times

One of the biggest theories surrounding the solar eclipse is that this is the “end of times”. Meaning this solar eclipse will bring on rapture (or whatever form of that you believe in).

There are even people stating this is the actual day Jesus was born which is even more evidence of this time…

Conspiracy Theory #2: NASA is launching rockets to lure off a giant sky serpent

NASA has stated they will be firing 3 rockets during the Solar Eclipse for science purposes but some people believe it’s to ward off a giant serpent that lives in the solar system…

Conspiracy Theory #3: A Biological Attack will occur

Some people believe that the solar eclipse will bring on a very detailed and very planned biological attack to poison people of the U.S. the post below explains the belief.

Conspiracy Theory #4: The solar eclipse is going to reveal a second sun

Some people are convinced that the government doesn’t want us to know there is a second sun and that during this solar eclipse, it will be revealed that there is.

Conspiracy Theory #5: The solar eclipse will cause massive earthquakes

While I am not sure how this could happen, people believe that the atmospheric changes that occur during an eclipse, will bring on massive earthquakes.

Some are even quick to say that the recent earthquake in New York, is caused by the changes leading up to the eclipse.

Conspiracy Theory #6: Massive human sacrifices will be made during the eclipse

I think of them all, this one bothers me the most. Simply because, I could see some crazy religious cults or crazy people causing this to happen… but some believe the solar eclipse will cause massive human sacrifice rituals to happen.

I also asked fans on our Facebook page what conspiracy theories they have heard and this is some of their answers:

We’re gonna get superpowers.

That the aliens are coming, lol 

The mass sacrifice event is my favorite so far. My mom seems to be favoring CERN opens a time jumping portal and we shift into a parallel reality. Also of interest is the red heifer slaughter/sacrifice which is going to trigger the apocalypse (but possibly not happening until passover week now) 🤣 we have been laughing and laughing and laughing all week at this $#!+

All the Mandela effects will come back as we remember them cause we will go into a different reality.

Now, of course there is not actually evidence that any of this is true but after the weird years we’ve had, I honestly wouldn’t be shocked by anything anymore.

Plus, with the state of people’s mental status, I wouldn’t put it past some people to cause some of these events to happen or to do something crazy.

I think I’ll be hanging out at home tomorrow and avoiding people and places until this entire Solar Eclipse event is behind us!

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