This Mom Made A Solar Eclipse Charcuterie Board To Celebrate The Celestial Event And It Looks So Cool

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We are officially HOURS away from the total solar eclipse and people nationwide are celebrating.

From schools closing to families booking Airbnb’s to travel to the best viewing spot, it’s no doubt that the total solar eclipse of 2024 has sparked a lot of talk and attention!

And this mother and son, have made something cool to celebrate the total solar eclipse!

Taking charcuterie boards to the next level, @Jackie Hlavac on Facebook most recently posted she and her son’s charcuterie making skills and decided to celebrate the total solar eclipse with a large charcuterie board with lots of good food!

From cut out stars to food sliced as the moon’s phases, and an even orange to represent the sun, this charcuterie board is the most unique food craft I’ve ever seen!

I mean just look at the incredible details on this board!

Courtesy of @Jackie Hlavac

The charcuterie board which was posted in a Facebook group has so far gained 16 thousand shares and over 5 thousand comments in just 48 hours making this post, a viral one!

Now I don’t know about you, but after looking at this solar eclipse themed charcuterie, has anyone else’s stomach grumbled because mine has?

The total solar eclipse will soon take over our blue sky at different hours of the day today depending on where you live but remember, if you plan on watching the celestial event, you must wear certified sunglasses to protect your eyes!

Have fun everyone!

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