Diapers And Menstrual Products Are No Longer Taxed In Colorado and We Are Grateful

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We are taxed multiple times on our money… over and over and over.

Residents in Colorado just had a big win though, because feminine hygiene products and diapers will no longer have sales tax applied in the state!

The Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products Act (HB22-1055) went into effect in the state of Colorado on Wednesday.

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From now on in Colorado, there will no longer be state sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products. This new bi-partisan law finally ends the sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products permanently and starts saving people money on these necessary products.

Gov. Jared Polis said in a news release

Inflation has cost so many of us so much, it’s like the harder we try the more we are beaten down with the cost of living and it has to change.


Every Coloradan deserves to live with dignity. For far too many essential products like diapers, incontinence products, and period products are out of reach.

Lauren Casteel, CEO of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Colorado isn’t stopping there either, they’ve also reduced the cost of vehicle registration fees and business registration fees.

The passage of HB22-1055, which exempts sales tax for these essential products will allow for Colorado women and their families to go to work, child care, and school while saving their family money.

Lauren Casteel, CEO of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Colorado joins at least 10 other states that have squashed the “pink tax” on feminine hygiene products as of 2019.

Other states include Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

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