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‘MouthTaping’ Is The Hot New TikTok Trend To Help You Sleep Better and Doctors Are Begging You Not to Do It

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If you’ve ever been sleeping next to someone who snores, and you’ve wanted to “politely” shut their mouth, this one might be for you.

There are people on TikTok that are swearing that taping your mouth closed before bedtime will help you sleep better.

I don’t know, sounds hella dangerous to me.

And, it just might be.

Medical professionals are cringing, and warning people that this is one TikTok trend that should be kicked to the curb.

This is one of the most dangerous trends I’ve heard of in some time, and I’m quite concerned that it is being advocated as a ‘health’ trend.

Dr. David Culpepper

This trend shows people taking tape and placing it over their mouths before they go to sleep.

By doing this, they force themselves to breathe through their nose holes as they drift off to dreamland.

If you are experimenting with this dangerous trend, you should stop.

Dr. David Culpepper

Dr. David Culpepper tells Fox News that it is healthier to breathe through your nostrils. Those teeny tiny holes in your nose help filter out bad particles while also humidifying and moisturizing the inhaled air.

BUT, what if you have nasal congestion, a deviated septum, or small nostrils? There are all kinds of reasons that you may NEED to breathe out of your mouth.

With your mouth taped shut, you could gag, puke, and then choke on your puke because it can’t exit your mouth.

Furthermore, if your nasal cavity becomes obstructed during the night because of a cold or allergies — you could suffocate from not getting enough air.

Dr. David Culpepper

Dr. Culpepper also urges that purposely taping your mouth shut could make sleep apnea worse. And, this could be fatal!

Bottom line. Don’t copy everything you see on TikTok. Just because it looks like a good idea, does not mean it actually is a good idea.


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