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Kim Kardashian Takes Tequila Shots Like Everyone Else And It’s Hilarious

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Kim Kardashian. She’s just like us *Not even a little bit*.

But, there’s one thing that Kim K did that was caught on camera, and it’s something that every single one of us has probably done.

She was on a yacht, celebrating Kylie’s 25th birthday with a bunch of friends. *That’s not the thing*

There were fireworks, scantily clad ladies, presents, and plenty of booze.

They captured a lot of the party on camera to post to TikTok.

If the goal was to make us insanely jealous, mission accomplished.

Kylie and her entourage were downing shots of tequila throughout the day, as one does at a party.

But, when it got dark outside, Kim decided she wanted to try one of the tequila shots.

Does anyone have a shot I can take?

Kim Kardashian

Now, I don’t know if she’s not used to hard liquor, or if it just went down the wrong way. BUT, her reaction is hilarious.

Right as she put the shot of tequila in her mouth, she choked, and then spit the shot out.

Haha! Been there!!

That is so fucking nasty.

Kim Kardashian

Yeah. Tequila isn’t meant to be a delicious fruity beverage. It’s meant to get you effed up.

I must say. It’s refreshing to see Kim K a little flawed!!

You can see the entire video of Kylie’s 25th Birthday on the TikTok website.

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