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Here Is Every Costume Shown So Far In ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 4 Including A 2-Headed Duet

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Who watches The Masked Singer out there? I am hooked.

Courtesy of The Masked Singer on YouTube

It’s such a cheeseball premise, AMIRITE? BUT, I can’t stop watching. Like, I have to know, who is that behind the mask?


Season 4 is almost here, September 23rd to be exact, and it’s time to be introduced to this season’s cast of costume clad characters.


This season, for the first time EVER, we are going to get a duet costume in the form of big beautiful Snow Owls chicks. Gah!! Who-who in the world is in there?!

Courtesy of Fox

This crocodile, in its blinged out purple-pink outfit and bowler hat, is perhaps the brightest costume of the bunch.


There is a costumed character they are calling the Dragon Mask, who comes complete with bright ruby red costume, blue face, and what looks like tree branch horns.


The Giraffe, is totally debonair, in his high heels, high hair, and suave walking cane.


We get a bright sun character, with a unique upside down face, who is surrounded by golden rays and a golden costume. The “Hot” clue for the Sun Mask is “This Sun has set quite a few records.”

OMG. Who do you think is in there?


My FAVORITE costume that has been announced so far this season, is this Popcorn Mask character! This mask actually has a human-like face, which we hardly ever see on The Masked Singer.

Her clue? “Mirror, mirror on the wall — what make ME the biggest miracle of all?”


Then there is Squiggly Monster. Is he (her?) spooky? Instagram would have us believe so. I wonder if that’s a clue!


Last but not least, in the cast of masked characters they have given us a sneak peak into thus far, is this Lips Mask. They say she (he?) can “pull off any shade.”


Now, according to a preview on YouTube, there are a TON more masked characters that we haven’t yet had the chance to see: a Mushroom, a What-Cha-Makalit, a Gremlin, a head of Broccoli, a Seahorse, a Jellyfish, and a Baby Alien. GAH!! I can’t wait!

See the preview for season 4 of The Masked Singer below.


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