This Octagon Grill Table Has Individual Grilling Areas So Everyone Can Cook Their Own Meals

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If you have picky eaters in the family, consider this at your next family BBQ.

While Grandma likes burgers, dad wants hot dogs, mom prefers sausage and Aunt Karen desires chicken, it’s difficult to cook everyone’s favorite foods.

Courtesy of JAG GRILLS

While cooking 10 different foods was nearly impossible before, this must-have grill is the light at the end of the tunnel for all hosts/hostesses at the annual family BBQ!

Courtesy of JAG GRILLS

It’s called the JAG Grill and its an octagon shaped grill that allows every family member to cook their own food at their very own seat!

Here’s how it works, seating up to eight people, friends and family have designated grill spaces that lets each individual cook whatever they please at their own pace.

Courtesy of JAG GRILLS

So if mom prefers her steak well done but dad likes his medium rare, each individual can add more or less coals depending on his or her preference using the removable grill plates.

Courtesy of JAG GRILLS

If the JAG Grill has peaked your interest, you can purchase the grill set on the Amazon website with the choice of a 6 or 8 sided table.

The 6 seated grill costs $1,600 while the 8 seater can be purchased for $2,500.

Keep in mind that the smaller grill has only one community grill with seats surrounded the cooking table. The 8 seated grill includes both a community grill in the middle and individual grilling areas!

Courtesy of JAG GRILLS

The community grill for both sizes can be removed to convert into an open fire pit, so once your done cooking, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fire amongst family and friends!

Courtesy of JAG GRILLS

Oh! And did I mention that the company also offers a $100 assembly service, you don’t have to tell me twice; I’m convinced that I need this grill ASAP for the best summer yet.


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  1. I LOVE your grill…but $500.00 just to ship it to Canada is wayyyyy too much. I am sad I cannot purchase your amazing 8 person grill. If you start shipping from Canada….or have a sale please contact me.

    Shelly Lane

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