Sour Patch Kids Released A Red, White and Blue Patriotic Mix and I Want Some Now

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We love Sour Patch Kids! I can only take them in small doses, but my kids can devour them. This is one of their favorite movie theater snacks.

Right now you can celebrate America with the ‘Sour Patch Kids Red, White, & Blue Mix’! Summertime always makes me think of the 4th of July and these candies are on my list!


This is a BIG bag too! It has 1.9 lbs of crazy sour then sweet goodness! These will be perfect for all of your summer activities! Movie nights, pool party, cookouts, any time!

The bag is resealable too, so that makes it easy to portion them out. Each serving is 150 calories.

The Red, White & Blue mix is made up of Redberry, Pineapple, and Blue Raspberry flavors.

This mix came out a few years back but they haven’t been spotted in a while. Seasonal, which means for a limited time, you guys!

You should be able to find them in most major retail stores, and Walmart for sure has them online! You can get the 1.9 lb bag online from Walmart for only $4.98!

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