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Succulent Pumpkins Are This Year’s Hottest Fall Trend And I Love It

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I’m always looking for fun new ideas for fall and Halloween decorations. Like the Galaxy Jack-O’-Lantern, something unique and cool! Well, let’s add Succulent pumpkins to the list this year!

They look super easy to make and should be a fun activity for the entire family! I mean, who doesn’t love succulents? There really isn’t much to it!


Pick out your pumpkins, you could use all different sizes for this! I think the flat wider ones would be fantastic! I also am loving a mix of the white and traditional orange pumpkins with the succulents.


You can also paint the pumpkins if you want! Black would look amazing! If you do choose to paint them, make sure you let them dry completely before moving on to the next step. I’m loving the painted message on this one below, super simple!


You’ll need to cut around the stem and pull out the “guts” like you normally would when carving a pumpkin. Next, you’ll need to fill the inside with soil and then place your succulents!


I think this is a look that you could even use well beyond Halloween! Imagine these as part of your Thanksgiving centerpiece! That would be gorgeous! You can find a ton of inspiration for recreating these on Instagram!


You can also find these pre-made on Etsy because ya know, not all of us wants to make these, we just want to enjoy them! Ha!


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