You Can Get White Cheesecake M&Ms Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

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The holidays are over, and we are headed into the season of love. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. That means one thing in my book — M&M’s is bringing back their White Cheesecake Flavor!!

I wait all year for these guys (gals?). I love a good white chocolate candy bit, but these are NOT that. These actually taste like White Chocolate CHEESECAKE. Even better!

They have already been spotted at Target, and they have them in stores at Walmart. They are shown on the Walmart website, but they are an in-store purchase only!

With all the flavor of your favorite cheesecake dessert, these all Valentine’s Day themed candies have a soft, creamy center coated in white chocolate and a crunchy candy shell.

Via Walmart

These are good to have in a candy bowl on your desk at work, they are GREAT for baking, and they are fantastic to eat straight from the bag. Let’s be honest, I usually do the latter.

My kids love to take little pretzels, melt Hershey kisses on top of the pretzels, and plop one of these Cheesecake M&Ms right on top. It’s a great rainy day baking project to do with kids!

Whatever you use them for, you will want to stock up by grabbing a few bags. These M&Ms only come out once a year, and they will be gone way too soon.

I have only seen them in the 8 ounce bag, and have only found them in the plain M&M variety — no peanuts.

Do yourself a favor, and pick them up today. You will not regret it!

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