You Can Get A Cake Pan That Lets You Bake Mini Tiered Cakes and I Need It

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Do y’all lose hours watching people bake miniature food items on Facebook and YouTube? I can’t be the only one. Can someone explain why this is so intriguing?

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Well, sometimes wishes do come true — even if I didn’t know I needed to with for it!

Amazon is selling these multi-tiered cake pans, and they bake up MINIATURE CAKES! Gah!!

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I can now try my hand at miniature cake decorating, and then the best part, I can eat my failed attempts! I just may make a mess of the decorating on purpose. Ha!

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These would also be GREAT to make for a little kid’s birthday party. You could have all the party goers decorate their own cakes!

How fun would that be?!? You could have a bunch of frosting and edible baubles, and they could pick and choose how they want their cakes to look.

You can also make and decorate these miniature cakes for bridal and baby showers!

This pan even comes with the recipe and directions you will need to make the PERFECT little cake!

Courtesy of Amazon

Each pan makes FOUR miniature cakes, and you can then decorate them as fancy or as plain as you want.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can get your OWN miniature cake pan on the Amazon website, for $28.

Courtesy of Amazon

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  1. I’ve had one of these for years. I also have a pan that makes 4 giant cupcakes.

    1. Where can I find something to transport this cake in? Having a hard time finding options

  2. I would love 1 of these pans please. If you cold please let me know when they are available . Thank you.

  3. I am trying to order the mini tiered cake pan that makes 4 cakes. I am not able to order. I see that they will be back in sock on May 27th. Please help.

  4. Could you let me know when the pans are available???

    1. Please let me know when available. Thanks.

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