Aldi is selling a $4 Bag of Maple Bacon Coffee For The Best Way to Drink Your Breakfast

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Today I tasted heaven. I’m pretty much what you would call a junkie, a coffee junkie. Today while shopping in Aldi, I found my perfect fix.

Maple Bacon Coffee

When you take the flavor of a magical food like bacon and add maple, you get greatness. Turn that into a coffee and you get heaven.

So, I bought it and I made a pot as soon as I got home! The house smells AMAZING right now!

Maple Bacon Coffee

My oldest daughter is an awesome baker, I pretty much suck at baking. She used to make Maple Bacon cupcakes that were so delicious.

Her cupcakes are what got me hooked on the combo in other foods as well. Now it looks like I have moved on to drinks too!

The Aldi Maple Bacon Coffee is actually really good! Next time I want to try it with some heavy cream, but I forgot to grab some while I was out. I bet this would make a good cold brew this summer!

You can pick up the Maple Bacon coffee at Aldi for only about $4! They also have a Bourbon Coffee that I’ll pick up to try next time!

The only thing that could make this moment better would be some chocolate bacon to have with my coffee. Man, that looks good!

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  1. What Aldi in Minneapolis area has the Maple Bacon coffee?

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