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Dogs With Mullets Is The Hot New Pet Trend Of The Year

So, 2020 brought us quite a few strange things. We saw a huge return of the mullet, for both men and women. It was total flashback fun!

larryuteckbarbers – Instagram

We also had monkey tail beards, yea… you read that right. That one seems to still be going pretty strong too and it is weird as hell ha!

nocoyounglife – Instagram

So now, well… now we have dogs with mullets and this made me laugh so hard! Dogs with mullets… I need a calendar of this, please!

sistersisterblingboutique – Instagram

Y’all, I am not even kidding, if I had a dog that could be groomed in such a way… I swear I would have this done!

squeakyypepe – Instagram

I do have 4 dogs, but none of them is an appropriate breed to make this happen. It almost seems as if I need to add another dog into the pack, right?

Lazy Rabbit – Facebook

Seriously, look how cool that dude above looks? Totally took me back to the 80s and I love it!

Lazy Rabbit – Facebook

This guy in the photo above is the best! One person in the comments pointed out that he looks just like the dad from American Chopper and now I can’t unsee it!

Lazy Rabbit – Facebook

I could definitely see myself adding a Standard Poodle to the pack! There are SO many cool looks you can have them groomed into.

Lazy Rabbit – Facebook

Yea, I think it’s a done deal! We need a Standard Poodle with a mullet and a Trans Am and we’ll be all set!

Lazy Rabbit – Facebook