Dunkin’ Donuts Just Added Bags of Snackin’ Bacon To Their Menu and I’m On My Way

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Bacon is in high demand. Especially if it comes in an easy to carry to-go pouch! If there is one thing that Dunkin’ knows, it is definitely breakfast foods! I love those Dunkin’ Bagels! YUM! But, a bag of bacon definitely tops a bagel in my book!

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Covered in a sweet black pepper seasoning, the Snackin’ Bacon is EVERYTHING. And, it is available right now! Seriously, right now!

Photo: DUNKIN’

I am so excited about this! Most of the time if I am on the go, I leave the house without eating! Then I am stuck looking for options to help me out. I get super cranky and it’s really ugly.


Well, this covers that need to eat when I forget! An order of the new Snackin’ Bacon has eight half-slices of bacon. It’ll cost you about $2.99.


Dunkin’ says that the sweet caramelized, candied flavor of the new Snackin’ Bacon goes perfectly with their Caramel, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut flavors.


I need to find a reason to work out of the house today so I can go get some right now!


People are already nuts about it and it was just released!

Dunkin’ has some other great new things coming too! They are bringing back the 250-calorie Egg White Bowl.

Photo: DUNKIN’

Dunkin’s also released Matcha Lattes nationwide today! I have never tried Matcha, but I guess I’ll give it a try as well! I heard that you either love Matcha or you hate it.

Photo: DUNKIN’

So, like… I’m on my way and you should be too! What is your favorite thing to get at Dunkin’?


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