Dear Dads, Take More Pictures Of Mom And Her Kids

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There is a Blogger Mommy on the internet that totally gets the reality of the struggle. The struggle that moms don’t have enough pictures of themselves with their kids.

Y’all we have to do better.

I have tried, so hard, to make memorable and fun experiences for my kids. I have tons of pictures of them doing all the fun things — with their dad.

I am missing from most of the pictures. Although I was there, you’d never realize it, because I’m the one behind the camera!

Blogger, Sophie Cachia, feels my pain! She posted a candid photo of herself with her son, and it was taken by her husband.


She captioned the Instagram picture:

Dear Men, Take the photo. Take the god damn photo. We spend days capturing beautiful moments of you and the kids. So whenever you see one of us with our babies, a beautiful candid moment, take the bloody god damn photo.

Sophie Cachia on Instagram

She had an overwhelming amount of feedback and women are commenting things like:

She is SO freaking right! It shouldn’t matter how we think we look. It shouldn’t matter that the situation may be a hot mess. It doesn’t matter if the house is clean.

What IS important, is that we don’t lose these memories with our children.

Yes, we will always cherish the fun in our minds, but will the kids remember? I want them to be able to look back at a picture, and think, “Yeah, I had fun with MOM that day, too!”

It may never be the PERFECT time to take a photo, but Daddy’s for goodness sakes, pull out that phone, and snap that picture!

Forget pushing items out of view – those raw, authentic pictures are EXACTLY what we need to be taking. Those are the real moments our kids will remember.

Still, posed shots are great, but it is the candid shots we will look back on, and remember with fondness.

So, when in doubt, pull it out — the camera, that is! Please, for the love of the memories, take more pictures of Mommy and her kids!

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  1. I would more often but she is never here to raise her kids. On top of that I film her most of the time to keep evidence how bad of a mother she is. Not all dads are bad and not all moms are good. ?‍♂️.

    1. @Paul, ok listen this wasn’t called for at all ?? I’m sorry for your pain but you don’t need to be so negative on here thank you ?


  2. see the thing is I don’t live on my phone… smh

  3. Sorry for all my typos. Have a crappy phone rite now.

    1. I’m so sick of the self-righteous. Censor your own god damn blog!

    2. Helen, perhaps she doesn’t know God or surely she wouldn’t take his name in vain! Hopefully she doesn’t speak that way in front of her kids either??

      1. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t trying to take the lord’s name in vain. Why do people have to be so judgemental is that a godly thing to do?

      2. God is a merciful, loving God. Damnit!

  4. You absolutely can expect men to know to take a picture. They sure expect a clean house without asking….

  5. Every time I take a picture of her and our daughter, she hates the way she looks and says “ewww gross delete that”
    I do try

    1. I’ll have to speak for 90% of women, we so this cuz we are so insecure and hate how me look, dont delete the photos and save them for later

  6. I cannot believe all the actual negativity towards mothers in the comments. So gross.

    1. I agree with you. Such negativity. My Aunt always reminded me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

      Just be kind Human Beings. At least, try.

  7. Because the zillion selfies she posts every day are not enough to communicate her grayness? I see plenty of pictures of moms and kids. I want to see more pictures of dads and kids. That’s what is rare these days.

    1. It’s “rare” because most dads are absent. Some dads choose other things over their family…drugs… alcohol…jail…

      1. Some moms are sleeping around. 4 kids with 4 different dads.
        Not all families are the same. Move on.

      2. Yup. Myvsons dad chose absence because he strangled me and now just hides. I believe hw truly misses and loves his son but come on. .even after I forgave him. Defemded him in court wirh my law degree so my son would have his dad… He qas looking atv8 years minimum in prison….but me, because I stood up in court rite by him representing him…he got two easy years probation. But after our day in court poof, he was gone….. And whem he was atound and evwn before that whem were ingaged ide have to talk him into taking anybans all pics that included me and consisted his need to hold the camera….like wtf hes always showing off ALL the ones i take if him and baby why arent i deserving of the same price. U know?!!!

  8. Since day one my husband has done photos lol no matter what I say or how badly i look he takes them lol but im so grateful for it (with a little editing cut my big forhead out the picture or something like that lmao!) For gosh sakes he got my birth on video n posted it on facebook thankfully he only got me from the waist up but he had the camera in my face the whole tiime up until they put him on my chest and I’m blubbering bc im so inlove. I love this article cause i look bck n im so gratrful he does this <3

  9. So ask! What’s wrong with asking your husband to take a picture? You can’t just expect people to know what you want. Some men are more dense than others. Instead of complaining about it and feeling sorry for yourself…ask them to do it??

  10. I was thinking about how my some is about to be one and we don’t really have a legit family photo. 🙁

  11. Were you just in my head? I was just thinking I need mommy and baby photos. I only ever get daddy and baby photos unless I take a selfie. :/

  12. I am proud of the fact that I spent time taking photos of our daughter, but the fact of matter is our photos are mainly of our daughter. I’ll have to go back through all of the many photos that we have and how many have her beautiful mother in them. One that I do remember is of the little tike in her little splash pool with her mother wading with her. These were actual photos on paper stock. But I will have to go back in the annals of all our photos.
    But the rest of our many photos are of our beautiful daughter through her many dance costumes from age three all of way through her college years. I have no idea how many rolls of film I have taken of her.
    You have to imagine that this was before digital cameras. But I loved every minute of the time that we spent traveling around the country from dance competition to dance competition. And then too we as a family were together seeing our beautiful country.
    But this supposed to be of mom and their children. And it was. Mom was in some of those many photos too.

  13. the sentence should be Amanda, her husband and their 2 crazy children. stop writing fathers out of their families please.

    1. She writes her ”sweet husband” right after she says ”her two off the wall kids”. Why does it matter where she writes him in as long as she mentions him?

  14. Do you print the fotos after and put in a photo album or dyu save them on a flashdrive?

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