Blue Bell Ice Cream Released A Christmas Cookies Flavor

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If I had a favorite type of ice cream, which I most definitely do, it would be the creamy sweet frozen treat that is Blue Bell Ice Cream.

They have completely outdone themselves this year with their special holiday flavors. Featured fan favorite in the lineup this season is CHRISTMAS COOKIE!

Think of every holiday cookie flavor you love. Blue Bell has crammed them all into this ice cream!

They start with chocolate chip cookies, follow with snickerdoodle cookies, and finish with sugar cookies. Then they combined them all in a fantastically creamy sugar cookie ice cream.

They don’t stop there. They shake in red sprinkles and include a ribbon of green icing throughout the ice cream!

My mouth is literally watering.

Of course, this ice cream comes in the traditional Blue Bell 1/2 gallon tubs. They don’t skimp when it comes to packing all that flavor into those tubs of joy.

The other flavors in the holiday lineup are Salted Caramel Cookie and Peppermint. I’m going to need them all, please.

Now, I know, they only have Blue Bell Ice Cream in certain parts of the country. I’m just going to suggest you call your BFF from high school, who happened to move to Texas, and beg her to make a road trip with Blue Bell in hand!

You could even make a Christmas road trip to an area that has these delicious Blue Bell flavors!! Whatever you do, you DO NOT want to miss these sweet Christmas delights!

I also can’t wait to try the Mermaid Ice Cream they are selling at Target stores. It’s not quite Blue Bell, but I bet it’s still Ah-Mazing!!

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