Here’s Why You May Not Get A Stimulus Check At All

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There are still people wondering why they haven’t received their stimulus checks.

The GOOD news is that 88 million people HAVE already received their checks, but that’s just left everyone else asking, “Where’s my money?”

There MAY be a reason you’ve been left scratching your head, and wondering just what happened to this money you were told was on its way.

Now, it MAY be that you are getting a check, and it is just taking awhile to get to you or your bank account. The IRS is still rolling out money. Don’t give up hope, yet.

BUT, it could also be that you actually don’t qualify for a stimulus check.

If you make over $99,000 as a single filer, or $198,000 if you file jointly, you do not qualify.

If you are older than 16, and you are claimed by someone as a dependent, you won’t be eligible for a check.

If you don’t have a social security number, you most likely will not be getting stimulus money.

If you are under 16, you don’t qualify for a personal check from the government. Your parents or guardians may get extra stimulus money because of your dependent status.

Also, and this may be a BIG one, if you owe back child support, you probably won’t get a check.

If you’re behind on child support, your relief check could be partially garnished or garnished in full, depending on the amount you owe.

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If you are married, and your spouse happens to be behind on their child support, you may get your WHOLE stimulus check garnished. Yes, I’m serious.

These are some of the biggest reasons you may not be getting that stimulus check.

Go to the IRS website tool, and enter your information — you may need to use ALL CAPS. It may tell you your status for receiving stimulus money.

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