Trouble Tracking Your Stimulus Check? Try Using Caps On The IRS Website. Here’s Why.

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It’s no doubt that the IRS website to check the status of your stimulus check has been giving many people, many problems.

And it’s not like waiting for the check isn’t already stressful enough!

Well thank goodness for social media, because if you’re still having trouble checking in to the website, there’s a solution that might just work for you.

Apparently, if you type in your address in all CAPITAL LETTERS, you may not receive the continuous loop of “Payment Status Not Available” anymore.

I highly recommend trying this trick out if you still need to enter your bank information, so you can get that stimulus check via direct deposit instead of waiting for a paper check!

Don’t believe the hack? Check out these tweets from individuals who have tried the trick and have had success!

It looks like these individuals are especially happy about their outcomes!

It looks like the proof is in the pudding you guys and besides, it doesn’t hurt to try it out even if it doesn’t work!

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