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Some Of The Major Airlines Are Now Requiring Passengers To Wear Face Masks

A few airline companies announced, today, that they are now going to require passengers on their aircrafts to wear face coverings while flying onboard.

In most cases, the flight attendants and crew were already asked to donn face masks while at work, but the airlines have taken safety precautions one step further.

Jet Blue was the FIRST airline to lead the way in requiring passengers to wear face coverings. The new policy was announced on Tuesday, April 28th, and the mandate for face masks will go into effect on May 4th.

Also starting this new policy on May 4th, is Delta Airlines. They previously “suggested” that passengers cover their noses and mouths while onboard, but now it is going to be officially REQUIRED.

No face covering, no travel.

Following a few days later, on May 8th, Frontier Airlines is also going to follow suit, and require all passengers to wear face coverings while onboard.

They are even taking it a step further, by blocking off every-other-row, thereby making an attempt at better social distancing. The passengers will also be required to sign something saying they haven’t come in contact with COVID-19.

Coming up just a little behind, American Airlines says they are going to roll out a new policy regarding passengers and face masks on May 11.

On SOME flights, American is even going to hand out face masks and sanitizing wipes to its passengers. I really wonder how they determine who gets a mask, and who doesn’t.

This looks like it is going to be our “new normal” for the foreseeable future. Buckle up, hold on tight, and cover up that face!