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You Can Crochet A Cat Doorstop. Here’s How.

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If you’re looking for cute house decor, this is it! Again, made by Annie’s Craft Store, she has just what you need in stock! 

Courtesy of Annie’s Craft Store

Their crocheted cat doorstops are super lovable if you’re in need of a fury friend!


Actually funny story and a quick fun fact about me, instead of a cat doorstop, I actually have a metal dog doorstop that my grandmother gave to me when I was little!


You can make the cat doorstop with worsted yarn and you can download the pattern electronically for just $8!

It measures around 28″ long and 26″ high and this doorstop, might even fool your regular cat that there’s a new feline in the house!


You’re only one click away from creating your own masterpiece, so go for it! This is totally the perfect getaway, to spend some quality time alone from all the chaos!

You can get the Crochet Cat Doorstop Pattern Here.


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