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You Can Crochet Stitch from ‘Lilo and Stitch’ and I Need One

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Awww! This is just the CUTEST! There have been so many crochet patterns shared here lately, but y’all…this is Stitch!

ami4giving – Etsy

I know a ton of people, including myself that would love to have one of these little Stitch crocheted dolls to cuddle! Look at those ears!

ami4giving – Etsy

The approximate size of this little guy is 6 inches tall, 8 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. He weighs in at about 3 oz!

ami4giving – Etsy

This Etsy shop is run by two sisters  from Southern California. One is a junior in high school and the other is a freshman in college.

They didn’t start this business to make money for themselves though. The girls are actively raising money for Create Now, this is a nonprofit that helps youth in need to find their voice with arts mentoring and education.

ami4giving – Etsy

When you purchase a finished amigurumi or an amigurumi pattern from our Etsy shop “ami4giving”, you are supporting a wonderful cause. At the same time you receive a beautiful handmade collectible that is yours to keep or instructions on how to create one of your own.

ami4giving – Instagram

100% of the net proceeds generated from the sales (excluding the Etsy fees) are donated to Create Now. The funds raised by selling the amigurumi we crochet, may not be much, but we hope it will make a big difference in another kid’s life.


These girls are super talented! You can buy patterns as well as finished products from their shop on Etsy!

Marites Bautista – Etsy Customer Photo

You can get the Stitch doll crochet pattern to create your very own Stitch doll in their Etsy shop for only $4.98 as a digital download!

Angela Alt – Etsy Customer Photo

While you’re here, be sure to check out this Stitch lamp and this super cool Stitch bouquet! Both are great gift ideas!


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