This Survey Reveals The Best Time To Put Up Your Holiday Decorations

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With the way this year has been going, I can expect most of us if not all, are decorating our homes with Christmas cheer earlier this year and according to a survey conducted at YouGov, 27% already begin to decorate BEFORE Thanksgiving.

The majority of individuals including myself, wait until after Thanksgiving coming in at a whopping 60%.

Although this year I must admit, my Christmas decorations including the Christmas Tree and lights, are already strung and shining bright this year!

Now for those of you who like to get more specific, the most popular time to hang your holiday cheer is the day after Thanksgiving but before December; this means most individuals will have their decorations set and ready to go before the month of November ends, according to the survey that is!

The survey doesn’t lie people!

Now if we’re really getting down and dirty, 70% of people decorate the interior of their home during the holidays which to be honest, I assumed the number would be higher!

Speaking of decorations, 25% have admitted that they have gotten Christmas inspiration from friends, family, and neighbors. So, if you notice a family friend with the same lights wrapped around the staircase, you can only assume she got the idea from you!

23% stated that they use social media for decor ideas while 13% get their holiday cheer from magazines and websites, and 11%, well, they turn to the television to get Santa’s attention.

Now get to it and decorate, we all need the extra Christmas cheer this year!

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