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Walmart Will Put Up Your Christmas Lights And Deliver A Live Christmas Tree Right To Your Front Door

Walmart just decided that they are going to do two things that are about to make the holidays a whole lot easier!

I absolutely love the Christmas season, but I hate, hate, hate putting up those Christmas lights.

Now, I have two youngish kids, so putting up those Christmas lights is a necessity at my house — I want them to have the whole Holiday experience.

Walmart just came to the rescue!! They have partnered with a company called Handy — which is an online Handyman Marketplace — that will come out and hang your outdoor Christmas lights. How awesome is that?!?

You can go straight to the Walmart website, and place the Christmas Light Installation Service into your virtual shopping cart. Once you checkout, someone from Handy will contact you, and set up a time to come out and hang your outdoor lights.

Y’all. This means you don’t have to get out all those lights, and go through the trouble of untangling them. I mean, this is going to save HOURS!!

Now, this isn’t a free service, obviously. A single story house will cost $129, while a two-story house will cost you $199. 

You also have to supply the lights, but no worries. You can get them at the same time you purchase the Christmas Light Installation. Walmart has a great selection of Christmas Lights that will suit your every need.

Courtesy of Walmart

Now, when it comes time to remove the lights, Walmart is also here for you. It will cost you anywhere from $99 to $159, but this means you don’t have to deal with getting up on a ladder, taken them down, and packing them away.

Here’s my money. PLEASE, do it for me!!

You know what else? Walmart will also deliver a live Christmas Tree, right to your doorstep!

No more going out and trying to fight with your family over which tree to get. No more trying to secure it to your roof while you drive home. And, no more struggling with that bulky tree as you try to get it in the house!!

This is, legit, a service that will come in so handy this year!! 

You simply add the real Fresh Cut Fraser Fir Christmas Tree to your virtual cart, and select delivery at checkout. Boom!! Done.

Now, not only will they deliver your Christmas tree, but you can get a whole slew of Christmas plants, to make your house super festive! Think Poinsettias, Amaryllises, and even different kinds of little live Christmas Trees

It’s about to be a Christmas Wonderland in this house!

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