Pepsi Is Officially Releasing Their Peeps Flavored Soda Nationwide and I’m So Excited

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Thanks to Pepsi, we finally have an excuse to eat Peeps aside from Easter.

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Dubbed Pepsi x Peeps, if you remember, the soda company previously released the funky mashup months back, but to get your tastebuds to try the quirky flavor, it wasn’t as easy as it will be soon!

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The new soda flavor combines the marshmallow flavor from Peeps and the same great taste from Pepsi, creating an extra sweet soda for those of you with a nagging sweet tooth.

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The cans, which are colored the same as the Peeps sweet treat, Pepsi has also decided to decorate their cans in blue, pink, and yellow rather than the classic dark blue we’re used too from Pepsi.

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And the best part?

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Rather than entering a contest to win the new marshmallow flavor, Pepsi instead is releasing the flavor to stores nationwide!

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Pepsi plans to drop the new soda flavor in 20 ounce bottles and cans sometime in February 2023 and people are already finding it in-stores now!

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Just look for the bright colored cans of carbonation with Peeps’ bunnies and chicks on the front of the bottle and you’ll know you’ve found the right flavor!

Courtesy of @i_need_a_snack_

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