This Woman Rents Out Her ‘Handy’ Husband For $45 An Hour And Business is Booming

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Laura Young rents her husband’s mad handyman skillz out for $45 an hour, and they have made it into a full-blown business.

The couple have been working their business — Rent My Handy Husband — since January of 2022, and they are booked out more than a month at a time!

In fact, they’ve had to turn people away, because they just can’t do it all.

I mean, I have TONS of things around the house that I could use a handyman for — even the thought of hanging a picture or shelves has me breaking out in hives.

You would think my husband could do it, but he is more of the nerdy accountant type.

Love you, honey!!

I’d be willing to pay a good handyman $45 an hour to help me out around the house. Like, seriously. I have a list.

Laura got the genius idea to rent out her husband from a podcast that she listened to about a man who made his money from putting together furniture for other people.

The podcast got her mind going. She thought about her husband, and knew he could totally do roughly the same thing.

In fact, James (the husband) was a whiz at even more skills than furniture building. He is talented at woodworking, installation, and way more.

He’s got a very methodical mind and can think outside the box. He sees things differently.

New York Post

They could totally do this!

Laura started posting James’ services on Facebook and the Nextdoor app, and people almost immediately began responding.

James has even been able to move from his warehouse job into working as a handyman full-time — and BONUS — he gets to spend more time with his wife and kids than he previously did.

Laura runs their social media presence, while James goes out and does things like painting fences, hanging televisions, cleaning out gutters, and putting up curtains.

He even hangs Christmas lights for people during the holiday season.

Now, the bad news is that Laura and James live in England — so us poor people in the U.S. have to find another way to get our To Do lists done.

But, maybe their story might spark something in your mind. Maybe you could rent out your cooking skills, organization skills, or even cleaning.

There’s always a market for those kinds of things — you just have to take advantage of it.

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