Here’s When Michaels Stores Are Supposed to Be Releasing Their Halloween Decor

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It’s a silent rule that getting ready for Halloween starts after July 4.

Considering it’s currently a few days after the Fourth, it’s safe to say that retail stores are officially getting ready for spooky season.

And one of those stores, just happens to be Michaels.

That’s right, the chain looks like it may officially be getting ready for spooky season soon, and while there haven’t been any sightings of Halloween decor just yet, there are papers that serve as potential proof.

Thanks to TikToker @finalgirlsociety who found a few papers that tell us when the store may release Halloween items, it looks like their spooky decor may potentially release sooner than what we thought.

While searching through the aisles of Michaels, @finalgirlsociety found a laminated paper posted at one of the end of the shelves that issued a date for their decor consolidation which ended last month on 6/30.

Courtesy of @finalgirlsociety

The TikToker then found another document that stated when their Halloween floral collection would release which heads up, is in two days (July 8)!

However the third document @finalgirlsociety found is the most exciting.

Courtesy of @finalgirlsociety

What’s dubbed “Happy Hallows” at Michaels, @finalgirlsociety is assuming that Happy Hallows is the name of the store’s upcoming Halloween collection.

And according to the paper, the assumed-to-be Halloween collection drops next month on August 19!

Courtesy of @finalgirlsociety

So move over Summer, because we’re all ready for the Halloween season.

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