This Eerie Three-Wick Candle Holder Is the Latest Internet Craze Everyone Wants for Halloween

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Halloween wouldn’t be the same without a fall-smelling candle to pair with the spooky holiday.

I mean, how could you even celebrate the holiday without the smell of pumpkin running throughout the house?

So while you’re snagging your pumpkin and marshmallow scented candle, you can count on Bath & Body Works to display your pleasant smelling candle to complete your Halloween aesthetic.

Bath & Body Works fans might remember that it was the witches’ hand candle holder last year that everyone wanted, but when it comes to Halloween of 2023, an eerie carriage is the latest internet craze.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

The self-care store will soon be introducing a spooky carriage that’s run by skeletons.

Thanks to TikToker @new_dropsbbw23 who shared a sneak peak of the carriage, the outside is decorated with two skeletons sitting and drinking tea, although you can assume that’s only their shadows.

Courtesy of @new_dropsbbw23

Inside the carriage are swirls of glitter that move in a soft motion against a neon green background including two, glowing purple lights on the outside that give this candle holder, a ghostly feel.

And let’s not forget about the black cat’s silhouette you see sitting against the edge of one of the carriage’s windows.

Courtesy of @new_dropsbbw23

Along with the mysterious display of the two skeleton’s and their black cat, there’s a spot for you to place your candle on the top of the carriage.

Just keep in mind that this candle holder is only ideal for three-wick candles.

Courtesy of @new_dropsbbw23

This year’s Bath & Body Works Halloween collection drops July 24, but keep in mind that loyalty-rewards members for one day only can snag spooky goodies earlier on July 14, according to PopSugar!

Courtesy of @new_dropsbbw23

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