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Aldi Is Selling $2 Bags Of Bagels That Taste Just Like Hawaiian Sweet Rolls And My Life Just Got Sweeter

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You can get these yummy pre-sliced bagels at Aldi, and — BONUS — they taste exactly like Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. I. Need. Them!

Oh, Aldi. Why do you have all the good things? I just love shopping your aisles, and leaving with the yummiest, best, and often least expensive groceries and Aldi Finds ever!


If you’ve never had a sandwich on a Hawaiian Sweet Roll, you are NOT living your best life!

Whether it’s a as simple as a Ham Sandwich, or it’s my favorite, the 3-Ingredient Instant Pot Barbecue Chicken Sliders, every sandwich is better on a Hawaiian Sweet Roll!


So, you can imagine my complete glee when I came across these Hawaiian Bagels at Aldi. Y’all, my mouth is legit watering right now.


They are sometimes hard to find, but if you can get your hands on them, they will only cost you about two bucks! You know what that means — stock up and freeze!!

There are so many options with these bagels! You can make, literally ANY sandwich, and it will be better on a Hawaiian Sweet Bagel! Just toast that bad boy up, and stack it high with your fillings of choice.


You can make your sandwich spicy, savory, sweet, or salty — it’s all going to be 10 times better on a Hawaiian Bagel. Trust me.


Don’t want to make a sandwich with these Hawaiian Bagels? No prob! You can toast them up, and shmear them up with cream cheese. Maybe sprinkle some Everything But The Bagel seasoning all over the cream cheese. Yum! Seriously — I’m so hungry right now.

But, whether you eat them plain — which I would totally be guilty of doing — toast them up, and slather some nice cool cream cheese on there, or make a delicious sandwich with these bagels, you will not regret driving to Aldi JUST to get Hawaiian Sweet Bagels!


But, hey! While you are there to get your bagels, grab yourself a bag or three of this awesome Roasted Sweet Corn Flavored Popcorn. It tastes exactly like roasted corn on the cob, dripping with melted sweet butter.


OMG — I’m on my way to Aldi right now!

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