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Target Just Announced Their 2023 Holiday Hours and I’m So Ready

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Never freaking fails.

It’s Christmas day. We go to make something — like those Christmas cookies that we’re planning on making for dinner — and we don’t have one of the ingredients that we need.

We start frantically racking our brains to try and remember what stores are open on Christmas day.

Is it Target? Is it Walmart? Walgreens is open, right?

I mean, we prefer to go to Target — 100% of the time. But, are they open?

Well, Target just announced their Christmas hours, so listen up.

Is Target Open On Christmas Day?

The answer is, sadly, no. Target will not be open on Christmas day.

They are, however, open on Christmas eve.

You can make your Target run the night before Christmas to grab your last minute gifts and ingredients for Christmas Dinner.

I know, it’s not ideal. But, it is what it is. Target employees need to enjoy Christmas, too.

Is Target Open On Thanksgiving?

Traditionally, shoppers have been able to get a jump on their Black Friday shopping by heading to Target after Thanksgiving dinner.

Target is usually open, and a magical destination for shoppers on Thanksgiving.

But, hold up before you grab your keys and head to the car.

Target has joined many other retailers by closing their doors this Thanksgiving, so their employees can enjoy the day with their families.

What Are Target’s Black Friday Hours?

No more midnight shopping on Black Friday. *Sad Face Emoji*

Target stores will be open from 7am-10pm on Black Friday.

You can get a good night’s sleep on Thanksgiving, and then hit up Target when you wake up for those great Black Friday deals.

Be aware. There will probably be a line to get in the door, so you might want to get there a tad bit early.

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