Meghan Markle and Harry Say The Royal Family Didn’t Want Their Son To Be A Prince

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Ugh this just breaks my heart!

In the interview tell-all with Oprah, Harry and Meghan Markle explain that when she was pregnant with Archie (their son) the royal family decided they didn’t want to give him a title.

Basically, they did not want to give him the title of being a prince.


Well, nobody knows with 100% certainty but Meghan says there was conversations surrounding how dark their son’s skin would be.

She believes that over those months of her pregnancy, she felt that was the reasoning why he wouldn’t get a title.

While Meghan says she could careless about the titles, the titles also meant security as-in protection for their son.

She said that was the most important thing to her was protection for their son which he would not receive from the royals unless he had an official title.

How sad, right?

Gosh no wonder why they left the royal family! Poor Archie!

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