You Can Get A Stitch Bouquet For The Person Who Loves Disney

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In case you didn’t know, Stitch is basically one of the cutest Disney characters around… you can’t change my mind.


That is why as soon as I saw these Stitch Bouquets – I knew I just HAD to order myself one. I mean, treat yo self, right?


The etsy shop CartoonBouquets is selling a custom made Stitch bouquet that is FILLED with miniature stuffed Stitch bears.


Treat your loved one with cute plushies and flowers. A really meaningful gift which can be kept forever. This combination is so pretty and adorable, surely no one can resist!


Each bouquet comes with Stitch Plushies and roses and get this – the roses are made out of SOAP!

Roses are made of a kind of soap that will make them never fade. This is the most lasting crafts and the most considerate and romantic gift.
9 x Scented Soap Roses
6 x Stitch Plushies (11cm)


You can order the bouquet in several different colors including: blue, pink, red, purple and even a custom design.

Each order includes the Stitch plushies, soap roses and a gift box to give it that extra special touch.

These will cost you around $65.00 with free shipping which is awesome. That is a lot less than you’d spend on flowers that will die in a week!

You can order your Stitch Bouquet Here.


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  1. I ordered one of these last year around this time n never got it!!! It took the money off my card and everything!! I know i never get either one but i just thought id put this on here!!!

  2. My sister’s birthday is probably soon I want to give her the blue stitch one she really likes Stitch

  3. My daughter’s birthday is soon I like to know how to order one and have it sent to here please and thank you Patty

  4. Can u get a bouquet with all the colors and one stitch with heart eyes? Is there a discount if u order 2?

  5. Do not buy this is a scam order from this site 3 months ago and still haven’t had my order shipped yet? They suck

  6. Publicizing her like that will more than likely get her in BIG trouble with Disney since those are total copyright infringements of Stitch.

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