Target Sugar Cookie Milk Is Here To Make Your Holidays Sweeter

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Three little words — SUGAR COOKIE MILK!

Target first released this holiday treat last year, but it is now BACK in stores for us to scoop up by the quart full!

This is SO GOOD mixed in with cereal! I mean, it’s FABULOUS by itself, but it’s fun to spruce it up a bit.

Can you say SUGAR COOKIE HOT CHOCOLATE. I’m dying!

This would be so excellent mixed with some vodka, to make a White Russian!

You can even add it to your morning coffee or latte for a tasty little holiday treat!

You KNOW this is limited edition, so you are going to want to stock up before it flies off the shelves.

This Sugar Cookie Milk would be perfect to drink with some Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies, which you can get at the same time!

You can get this Sugar Cookie Milk NOW at your local Target location. You KNOW you will be there anyway — because it’s Target! While you are getting all the things, you can just drop some of this tasty milk in your cart. It will only cost you about $1.30.

Via Target

I’m guessing Santa would LOVE a glass of this to go with his (her?) cookies! Plan accordingly.

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