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Starbucks Released New Color-Changing Cups and I Want Them All

OMG!! Do you remember the Starbucks color-changing cups from last year? Well, they are BACK!

If you remember these from last summer then chances are, you also remember how fast they went.

With that being said, Starbucks has released these color-changing cups once again (they are a bit different in the color changing though).

When the cups are filled with cold liquid, the reusable travel cups begin to change colors and creates a ombré effect.

They are simply PERFECTION and I truly need them in my life. I’ll even get rid of some others to make room in my cupboard for them.

The Starbucks Color-Changing Reusable Cold Cups come in a pack of 5 including 5 cups, 5 lids and 5 straws.

People are currently finding these at their Starbucks Target locations and cost around $19.95. Keep in mind, these aren’t supposed to release until Mat 21, 2020 but people are finding them in-store early.

Happy hunting for these!!!

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