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You Can Get A Mini Cool Mist Humidifier To Take On The Go And I Need It Now

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Battling the common cold and the virus floating around seem to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. So what better way to aid in battling against it, than with a humidifier?

The only problem with that, is that humidifiers can get super bulky super fast. And in the busy world we live it, it would be SO much easier to have one for on the go!


No need to worry, because one exists on Amazon! This tiny little humidifier can steam a bottle of water for you on the go to give you some cleaner air to breathe!


This tiny little contraption converts a standard sized individual water bottle (<20oz) into a moisture-producing water tank. It comes with a usb cord as well as the option to use batteries, making it incredibly easy to take anywhere!


If you’re going out of town to visit family during the holidays, this is going to be quite the necessity for sure! It also would make an amazing stocking stuffer! I know I would be happy to get one of these!


So get your butt over to Amazon and grab one of these bad boys before they sell out! They are only $23.99 and perfect for this crazy season we’re in!


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