Vera Bradley Is Selling Harry Potter Masks, Accio Them To Me!

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With us all having to wear face masks these days, it only makes sense that some of us are wanting to stay stylish or show our personalities with them!

So for the Potterhead in me with my love of Harry Potter, this collection truly has me drooling. But you wouldn’t be able to see behind one of these masks.


You can get these masks according to your Hogwarts House, or just as a love of Harry Potter. There are so many different options!

Vera Bradley

My go to, of course, would be the Slytherin options! I would totally wear these every day to show my Slytherin pride!

Vera Bradley

I love the subtlety in these masks, rather than big bold pictures or statements. We can still be Potterheads with style!

Vera Bradley

I seriously think they have stepped it up with these designs and I want every single one of them. Which one is your favorite?

Vera Bradley

These are available on the Vera Bradley site for $24 for a two pack. Thank goodness they are reusable!

Vera Bradley

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